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A Double Life


Do we all lead a double life or is this just in the Celebes realm?

With the recent happenings in Thailand, the political turmoil that has caused the country to divide into two, led me to think that all this happened because we in Thailand, live a double life!

We live in a culture that encourages us to have a public front and a private life and never the twain shall meet!


Why? Because we demand absolute perfection. Life must be two dimensional, there are only black or white. You can only be right or wrong. But real life isn’t like that. We all know what real life is like; we live it! But we would never dare admit the things we do in private, to the public! Real life is lived in private and must never be shared! This is not an exclusively Thai things I know but we have perfected this to such an art form though!

So many of my farang friends commented on how easy going and non confrontational Thais are. I beg to differ. We appear that way but in private, we are less forgiving. Are we non confrontational because we are too frightened to tarnish our public image. So we choose an easy option and of course there is nothing wrong in this if we do this by choice and not because its a cultural thing.

What has made me smile and not because of the sweet nature of the content but rather in a sardonic sense, is how Thai entertainment media forever producing goodie too shoes princes and princesses for our consumption. They become idolised and adored by all. If suddenly they done something that they shouldn’t do! The press turned on them like a pack of hungry wolves ready shred them into bits! No mercy!

The media has become our conscience. They uphold absolute purity for our sake. Why? So that we can all live a double life. One that can appear moral, pure and untarnished in public while in private we can commit debauchery let ourselves go telling ourselves that we deserve theses treats to unwind.

And the media also feeds our private life. It feeds us stories of sensual pleasures, enticing us to the dark side! Why have just one legal an official partner when you can have as many. They are so easy to find. In a way, it’s our social duties. So many deprived beautiful young people out there need to find sponsor to further their education and their lifestyles!

How many actresses, actors, media personalities, politicians painted themselves public images that are whiter than white and we all fell in love with these images. Only to be told later that in real life, these demigods and demigoddesses are pure fictions, created for our consumption.

Aren’t you tired of it all? It just leaves us feeling empty and needing to feed off others success and failure!

Me: I’m open to public figures that live their lives in front of us and showing us who they really are. I want a public figure that understands my everyday needs and know how to solve the economic crisis that affect our daily livings. I don’t want a god like creature that is so far removed from reality that has little understanding of my life. But I feel I’m in the minority here.

What about you? Do you like to lead a double life? If so why, convince me that this social etiquette is worth practicing!

2 thoughts on “A Double Life

  1. I have to agree with the ‘double life’ thing. In my opinion, most of us wear the public mask. It is shaped by several components: dishonesty, society norm, culture, business matter. I admit that I have two faces, the public one and the private one. And I think the numbers of my mask continue to grow, depending on the situations I’m in. My public mask is selected to wear when I have to follow the society’s norm. I can’t scream to the face of people I hate “Bitch” because I realize it’s improper and impolite. Instead, I have to restrain myself and keep calm. I call it “How to behave myself”. But you can call me chicken, afraid of showing the real me to public. I don’t mind. To be true with you, I can’t be ‘real’ me all the time. It’s always distorted by the goods, the bads, the sense of decency, etc. in me.

    While my public mask is used to face strangers, my private mask is on the other hand reserved for the ones who I feel comfortable to share my true self with, my friends and family for example. I can reveal the most frightening part or the stupid hilarious side of me to my family because they truly knew who I am. That’s why I need more than one mask. One for the show and the other for when the curtain’s down. And I’m not scared to have more than one masks at all. It’s fake yet practical.

    If you guys out there are those who have only one mask, I have to salute you. You’re so genuine and I’ve never found any one quite like you!

  2. The Virgin Queen ???

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