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How Convenient to be Thais

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How do you perceive us as Thais? People who’s extremely loyal to the King? Tom Yam Kung maker? Or red and yellow fighters? What you see in us is just the tip of the iceberg. Let me, a real Thai, clarify point by point to you. And you will know our true color.

First, we aren’t raised to abide by any law. We do know the law but sometimes we find bliss in ignorance. And it’s even better than ignorance when we find the loophole. Our behavior on the road is one good example. If we happen to turn in the forbidden lanes reserved for bus, only one red banknote in the hands of law protector will help you out of the situation. Not a single fine at the police station. Believe me!

From a poll I heard recently, we don’t care anymore about the corruption problems as long as politicians do something good, even the tiny bits, for the country.

If we do something wrong and feel ashamed to face the truth, then escape to other countries will help. But with one exception. You have to be rich and have connections. To do time in prison isn’t a good choice, right? Why not use influence to save our ass while we can?

If you break the norm of society. First thing first, reject it. A lot is saved by this technique because of the lack of evidence. But if you’re caught in the act or you find yourself in a tight corner because of obvious video clips or something, fake crying in front of the camera is another choice to help save your face. We have less frontal lobe of cerebrum than other races on this planet so we’re a creature of forgetfulness. Any bad things you’ve just done are like a breeze that touches our skin. It will come and go, leaving nothing on our mind.

We don’t have true friends as well as foes. It sounds terrible. But here’s our logic. Friends can be foes, and vice versa. Do you get it? I mean it’s all up to mutual benefit. If foe can help get what we want, his status is changed to be friend. Just simple as that.

Feel so good to be Thai.

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