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Songkran Goddess

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Songkran isn’t only a water battle on the road that you’ve seen today but there’re beliefs and culture behind it. In Thai ancient time where calendar wasn’t invented and the Meteorological Department wasn’t formed yet. Our ancestries wisely created symbols to inform citizens the New Year day (Songkran) and the weather forcast of that year. And the symbols used during Songkran was Songkran goddess. The seven goddesses were assigned to each day of the week. Before Songkran rolled around, a Songkran Annoucement and the name of Songkran goddess of that year would be released to public. So people would know the new year day and the weather of that year. They were very important to them whose lives highly depended on agriculture.

And here are the name of each Songkran goddess.


The Songkran Goddess of this day was named Thungsa. She rode on Garuda’s back. She had pomegranade flower in her hair and wore red jewelry. Geer wheel was in her right hand while conch was in her left. Thungsa’s food relies on fig.







The Goddess’s name was Koraka. Her ride was tiger. Flowers of cork tree was put behind her ear and she wore pearls. She hold sword in her right hand and a cane in her left hand. Koruka exists on a diet of oil.







Raksod is Tuesday’s goddess. She rode on pig. Put behind her ear was lotus and wore Mora gem. Trident was in her right and bow was in left. Raksod isn’t a vampire but she drinks blood.







Today’s goddess is Monta. Donkey was her vehicle. She had Jampak flower behind her ear and wore cat’s eye gem. On her right hand was pointing iron while on her left cane.







Kirinee is the goddess of this day. She decorated her hair with magnolia and her jewellery was made of emeral. She rode on elephant’s back. Mahout’s was in her right and gun was in her left. Grains was Kirinee’s diet.








Friday belongs to Kimita. She wore topaz jewellery and had waterlily behind her ear. Buffalo was her vehicle. And she hold a pointing on the right while on the left was Indian lute. Kimita has banana as her diet.







Saturday’s goddess was named Mahotorn. She had water hyacinth and black sapphire as her decorative items. She hold geer wheel on the right and trident on the left while sitting on her vehicle peacock. Mahotorn wasn’t a vegetarian so hog deer is her only food.





This year’s Songkran goddess is Koraka meaning that the Thai New Year will fall on Monday. The prophecy has it that the king will be prosperous but we have to live life in a careless way. The land will be florished with rice and there’s plenty of water for agriculture.

Thanks for photo from http://www.culture.go.th/study.php?&YY=2551&MM=3&DD=1



One thought on “Songkran Goddess

  1. Turns out Songkran goddesses were also quite hot!
    I’m going through all your blog.

    I’m so glad I found it. I wish there was more than you talking about thai culture.

    I love thai history and I have a real hard time finding more about it. I’ve read about the period before Rattanakosin when king Taksin unified the Thai kingdoms and Tongduan became Rama 1 but it’s pretty much the only reading I could find.

    If you know of any sources for culture, believes and history of thailand and thais, I’m so taking it. I do read thai but I don’t have the required vocabulary for ancient books and/or royal discussions.

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